We turned Nev’s old cracked concrete into a show stopping outside entertainment area. We grinded the concrete smooth and did a lot of crack repair. Nev told us that is was very important that the floor was anti slip ! So we applied our super anti slip flooring solution that is as strong as nails with the grit to protect you from slipping in the wet.

At Dr Epoxy we pride our selves on using the best products available on the market all of our Epoxy is made in Australia right here in Queensland.  Our anti slip floors are so strong because we use all commercial products ! So that all the floors we lay stand the test of time. Nev was so surprised how we could change the whole look of his house with just doing his floor. We used a grey epoxy as our base coat to give it the modern neutral look.  Nev was so surprised that the floor was so glossy / shinny and had such a strong anti slip  properties. We love when we get jobs on the gold coast because they are so close to our shed and we have some where to go when we are waiting for the coats to dry to get stuff ready for our next job. We would like to thank Nev and his wife for the chocolate they bought us after we finished the job they were very nice.  We look forward to coming back when his driveway needs pressure cleaning 🙂