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Month: July 2021

Tips For Choosing The Best Epoxy Floor Color For Your Garage

Tips For Choosing The Best Epoxy Floor Colour For Your Garage

If you would like to upgrade your bare cement garage floor, you may want to consider an epoxy floor. It’s durable, versatile, shiny, and beautiful. However, choosing a colour for your floor is the main challenge, because epoxy is available in a variety of colours.

Although choosing a colour may seem like a simple task or small detail, it might end up affecting the aesthetic of your floor, and the garage as a whole. In addition, the colour you will choose can affect the amount of cleaning and maintenance practices that must be carried out in the garage.

Therefore, you need to be very cautious when choosing a floor colour. Follow these tips to make the right choice.Read More

The Benefit of Epoxy Floors

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring, also known as resinous flooring or polymer flooring, is a two-part mixture consisting of resin and hardener. Epoxy is placed over concrete, wood, VCT, tile, or many other common industrial and commercial floors. The chemical reaction creates a bond to the substrate and forms a hard plastic. Plus, it cures fast so your company can get back to business quickly.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

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