Tile Removal

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Tile Removal

Tile removal is extremely time consuming and can be a difficult task. In fact, it is hard to figure out the extent of effort that this task requires before you begin. Also, tile installation varies depending on the flooring type that was used prior to fixing it. As such, tiles can be attached to plywoods, cement, or an existing floor. What lies under can make removing tiles a tedious task but every type of tile removal project will take some time and effort to get it done correctly.

How to Remove a Tile
To remove tiles from a surface, the following steps must be followed.

Remove Fixtures
This goes without saying. You should remove everything that will get in the way of your accessing the tiles. This means removing all fixtures from the room and emptying it. These fixtures would be different depending on what part of the house you are pulling out tiles from, such as underneath a sink if you will be working in the kitchen.

Identity your Starting Point
Now that all the fixtures are out of the way, figure out where you will be starting from. This will be influenced by where the targeted tile is located. You can choose bare edges to start pulling out your tiles. You may also have to break out a tile to create somewhere to begin your removal project. Tiles may be easy or difficult to remove depending on what's lying underneath and how the tile was installed.

Remove the Tile
Use a Jack hammer, chisel and pry bar or a pole scraper to begin removing your tiles. Start from the point that you identified. Keep each tile away as it is removed to give you room for the rest of the work.

You may be removing tiles because you want to fix a new floor. In that case, you have to check that the underlayment is a good fit for your new flooring system. Remove the nails left from the tile removal and clear the debris. Then assess the floor to determine how much of a good fit it is for your new floor. We offer tile removal Gold Coast at Dr. Epoxy so that every tile comes out intact and suitable for reuse.