Garage Floors

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Garage Floors

Flooring your garage is great for adding some style to your residential and commercial premises. It can light up your space and add some color to your garage. Garage flooring can come in many forms and it can be hard for you to choose. The flooring can be classified into coatings and coverings. You can get these flooring options for garage floors Gold Coast at Dr. Epoxy.

Types of Garage Floors
Let's explore some great flooring options for your garage.

Garage Coating
There are two main coating options for garages. The flooring can be done Grind and seal or epoxy. When coating the garage floor, the floor covering is applied as a thin coat using a roller and brush.

Floor Epoxy
Epoxy floor coatings are different from paint although both are applied in the same way using paint rollers or paint brushes. They differ in the materials with which they are made and in their outcomes for your garage floor.

Paint hardens as its solvent evaporates but epoxy coating hardens through a chemical reaction between a resin and a catalyst. Floor epoxy is durable and attractive and creates a garage coating that's aesthetic making your space shine colorfully and lasting as long as you would like.

You should look closely at the different epoxy styles to decide which one suits your preferences. The professionals at Dr. Epoxy can help you go through your options for garage floors Gold Coast.

Grind & Seal
Grind and seal is a great way to make your garage look ultra-modern. You grind the floor with Big machines with diamonds grinding the floor taking layers of concrete off the floor making it smooth and clean. Depending on what stones they used in the concrete when it was poured you could also end up with some very nice smooth stones showing. You then apply a polyurethane to seal it and make it shinny.

Garage Covering
Floor coverings are another way to beautify your garage. They are easily movable as they are simply set on top of the garage floor. Garage floor coverings can be removed if you want to change them. The basic types are floor mats and floor tiles. Garage floor coverings are made for the garage to withstand high traffic activity and resist wear and tear.

Garage Preparation
You likely think by now that all you have to do is choose an option and get the stains and cracks covered. Getting your garage properly floored is more than that. Damage to the garage concrete including stains, rust, and unevenness can get pass covering or coating. Thus, you have to prepare the concrete surface of your garage before installing any of these options. We offer garage flooring services around South East Queensland region and can get your garage to the look of your choice.