Floor Prep

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Floor Prep

What is Floor Prep?
Floor prep is the process of preparing concrete surfaces before installation of a chosen flooring option. Floor prepping is essential to getting the desired result with your flooring. Floor prepping can be used to replace an existing floor or install your choice of floor for the first time. Floor prepping is the most important step in floor installation. It involves cleaning, leveling, removing adhesives and more. Skipping floor prepping can result in uneven floors, cause the floor to peel or to look less attractive. The final floor installation would not be properly done and the state of the concrete surface would shine through.

Floor Prepping Process
There are a few steps involved in floor prepping. At Dr. Epoxy, we employ the highest standards of floor prepping to ensure that your installation is the best it can be. Your floor should be cleaned properly before your choice of flooring is installed for the best results and aesthetic appeal.

Job Site Assessment
You obviously dreamt of that amazing floor as you pick the flooring system of your choice. It may even be your dream floor, and you can't wait to install it. You have to wait however because floor prepping is as essential to making your dream a reality as the flooring system that you choose. You need to get a professional to inspect your job site and make sure that your floor would be a good fit for the space.

Remove the Existing Floor
In some cases, there's already a floor installed. It might even be a carpet that's in place. Simply installing the new floor over it may lead to problems after the installation is done. It is good for us to find out what's beneath this existing floor and clean it to prepare it to receive new flooring.

Surface Condition Specifications
During floor prepping, the surface would be given a concrete surface profile or CSP by the flooring professional. This is to ensure that concrete overlays and coatings bond properly during the flooring process. The professional would also give a surface condition specification that says how clean, rough, uniform and strong that the concrete substrate should be before the new flooring is installed. The specifications will also include cleaning methods, profiling method, and surface defect repair procedures to be used during floor prepping.

Preparing your surface for flooring will get rid of the dust and minimize disruptions during the coating process so that whatever floor type you choose comes out just fine. We are flooring specialists at Dr. Epoxy that provide the best floor prepping services in Gold Coast and around South East Queensland region.