Commercial Flooring

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Commercial Flooring

Commercial spaces require specialized flooring options that can withstand heavy traffic from machines and foot and resist wear and tear. It is important that the flooring options for commercial properties are durable and support longevity. Yet, every commercial surface will have different flooring needs making it critical that you select the right flooring alternative for your facility.

Types of Commercial Flooring
You want to ensure that your commercial surface flooring is resilient and able to withstand pressure from all the activity going on right above it. It's best you choose from the most durable commercial flooring options.

Epoxy Coatings
Epoxy is right above the list of the best flooring options for your commercial space. Epoxy coatings are highly resilient and are even common to see in many commercial spaces. Epoxy is great for a large variety of facilities including manufacturing plants, food processing outlets, pharmaceutical companies and more. Epoxy flooring have insulating properties and perform well under varying temperatures. If the environment is high performing with a lot of chemical and heat exposure, epoxy coatings would be the floor of choice.

Stained Concrete
Concrete floor is a regular choice for commercial spaces and it has endless customizable options including staining. Concrete can be transformed into patterns and styles of your choice to make your surface look unique. Stained concrete is aesthetic and can be used for decorative spaces like malls, waiting rooms, restaurants, and more. Stained concrete is durable as it does not crack, chip or fade. It's perfect for outdoor spaces and can last a long time.

It's best you seek professional opinion to ensure you are selecting the flooring choice that's perfect for your space. We provide commercial flooring services in Gold Coast and all over South East Queensland region. Getting Dr. Epoxy unto your commercial flooring project is getting it right the first time around.

Grind and Seal is also an other great option and maybe the strongest one !